Meet Melanie Hilliard

I have been involved in emergency services since 1995.

Starting out in fire and EMS gave me a foundation to move into search and rescue. I have always had a deep appreciation of animals, so getting involved in canine SAR seemed natural.


I have been in fire/rescue/SAR since 1995. I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT for Black Mudd Fire Department, Harrods Creek Fire Department, and Campbellsburg Fire Department. I have also been a member of JCSDA (Jefferson County Search Dog Association), KYSAR (Kentucky Search and Rescue) and numerous teams, such as USAR and trench rescue, for the Jefferson County special operations. I am also an EMT in Kentucky. My paid job is as a Visual Basic/ Web programmer. I started out about 23 years ago without a dog taking a handler course from a Paramedic who use to run the SAR program for Jefferson County EMS. I got a dog halfway through the class and started teaching her and made LOTS of mistakes.

The first being she was a wolf-hybrid, and many others followed. I failed! I ended up giving her away as a pet. Not wanting to make the same mistake I took a long time to find my next dog. I went to about seven different litters of pups and tested every puppy there. The last litter I spent 3 hours just with the dog I have now. His name is Sar (because I couldn't think of anything) and that is who the site is named after.

I started the site because there were many people in our area starving for training and information. A few of us started meeting every Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday to train. The site provided a way to communicate and share ideas and post PICS of our fun times together. I have always claimed that SAR-Dog is non-biased and I still maintain that. I never wanted to get caught up in the disputes and competition that goes on between search teams. I only want to bring them together. I pay for my site with my own money and put a lot of time into it. It is here as a service.

Melanie Hilliard - Webmaster has been around since the year 2000 and has served as an avenue for canine search and rescue information in it's early years.  Since then, it has tried to incorporate many more disciplines such as water rescue, high angle, trench rescue, and many other interesting subjects.