About SAR-Dog

Welcome to SAR-Dog.  This website serves as an avenue to fill your minds with information about search and rescue, to fill your backpacks with some useful and tested search and rescue gear, and to provide articles and learning points about all disciplines of search and rescue.  We try to cover all aspects of search and rescue gear including canine, rope rescue, water (flat, swift and marine), ice rescue, wilderness search and rescue, structural collapse rescue, trench collapse rescue, cave rescue, dive rescue, motor vehicle extrication, large animal rescue, and trench rescue.

Having been in search and rescue, fire and EMS since 1995, I have seen search and rescue evolve from a chaotic “haphazard” approach to effective use of gear, technology, and a skilled and calculated approach.  Now we have technology and equipment to assist us with our objectives.  SAR has also gained and an arsenal of knowledge from past searches that went well and others that did not.

My passion has always been search and rescue.  To narrow that down, it has been canine search and rescue and training of the rescue professional.  To train efficiently, you need gear appropriate to your SAR discipline. Thank you!